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telecom se●rvices for Brazilia〓ns and Cameroonia〓ns. It's t◆he first la〓rge-scale project in

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■ the region led■ by one of the Big■ 3 Chinese ■Telecom op〓erators and China○-based equipment

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m◆anufacturers.C●hina Unicom and ○CamTel are responsib〓le for the build〓ing and

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maintena●nce of SAIL, ■while Huawe〓i Marine N●etworks deliv●ers systematic so?/p>

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relat■ed equipment ma〓 nufacturers■ have playe■d crucial role●s to c onst○ruct fiber op〓tics cables on lan●d and at
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work, 6○,000- km. in lengt

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amer○oon to BrazilCh●ina Unicom and CamT○el

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ith Huawei ■Marine Networks Co.○ Ltd., a submarine ●cable n

utions.US$85 mil○lion of SA●IL was funded b●y Export-Im●port Bank of ●China, while the r◆emainder was covered● by CamTel, whi●ch includes China U●nicom financing 〓US$34 mill◆ion to the Came

etworks so

lut■ions provider

roo◆n-based telecom.Upg●rading Camero●on's futureIn Cam■eroon's capit◆al city - Ya●ounde - on Ju●ne 27, Huawei Tec○hnologies Co. Ltd◆. Chief Executi○ve Officer (CE◆O) Guo Ping, Chi■na Unicom

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C■EO Lu Yimin and○ CamTel General■ Manager (GM) Da〓vid Nkoto Emane〓, signed the formal● agreement."Chin●a has strate●gic partne○rships with Africa■ and South● America," the Glob■al Times qu

ea◆ cable that

run●s from Kri○bi

otes ■Lu as saying. "◆SAIL not only provid〓es high-quality◆ internatio◆nal communi●cations se○rvices to countries● in these ◆two continents, 〓but also se■rves Chinese compani○es

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